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“K9 Playhouse has been a wonderful experience for our dog Max and the whole family. We are thankful to Connie for creating such a place where dogs can go to learn and play. “- Stacie Monaghan

“There is no better treat to give your beloved dog than a day at the K9 Playhouse.” - Paul, Michelle and Dexter

“My dog Lexi loves to go to K9 Playhouse Daycare. All I have to say is ‘Let’s go to Daycare’ and she runs toward the garage and car. When I pull off HWY 218 she really gets excited and starts barking, and she just charges into the Playhouse.” – Frank Grendler

“My dog Chloe has been going to the K9 Playhouse for almost six years now and she still gets so excited when she knows it’s her day to go play! I attribute Chloe’s playfulness and love of other dogs to the socialization that she gets at the K9 Playhouse. Connie Apling sees that all the dogs there are safe and happy!” – Rachelle Yousefi

“I LOVE K9 PLAYHOUSE! “I’m Vegas, a six year old yellow Lab. Dad and I learned about Connie and K9 Playhouse at the Vets. I knew I needed some help training Dad, so I got him enrolled in basic training. He learned fast, thanks to Connie’s expert help, and before long he stopped and stood beside me when I sat down and he learned to hold the leash correctly when I heeled.

I have been at K9 Playhouse almost my whole life and I know that I am a better and happier dog because of it.” – Vegas and Dave Christian

“We first met Connie when we enrolled Chance in Obedience Classes. He’s been attending Daycare at K9 Playhouse for 5 years. Connie has a natural rapport with the dogs and treats all the ‘students’ as if they were her own. It’s a clean, safe environment where Connie and Lori make every K9 Kid top priority. Chance loves Daycare and always looks forward to going to school. I’ve recommended Connie Apling and K9 Playhouse many times and will continue to do so.” – Don and Patricia

“Our dog, Duffy, loves to go to Daycare at K9 Playhouse. He gets so excited just anticipating all the fun he will have. The facility is very clean and comfortable. Air conditioned even! Connie and Lori love the dogs and the dogs love them. It’s a great home away from home! Thanks for all the love and care you give Duffy.” - Mary Adams

“I love playing with my friends at the K9 Playhouse! I get to run, chase and play outside on nice days. When Mommy and Daddy pick me up I am tired, hungry and ready to relax!” – Mya

“Mya loves being greeted by her 4-legged friends and knows she’s in for a long day of play at the K9 Playhouse! We are so grateful to have the K9 Playhouse as an outlet for Mya’s abundance of energy. Plus we love the long hours!!” – Bethany and Shane

“Our dog Boodrow loves K9 Playhouse. It’s the highlight of his week and he comes home ’dog’ tired and happy. It’s a day off for us too! It’s the best thing we ever did!” - Steve and Deb Bagenstos

“Connie Apling runs an Obedience Class that is structured and simple enough to make sense to both young puppies and old dogs who need to “unlearn” bad habits. Her attitude and manner with both dogs and owners is extremely positive and always encouraging, and above all, the class is fun! I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in Basic Obedience Training.” - Cheryl Einsweiler

“We bring our 2 dogs Buddy and Charlotte to K9 Playhouse because it is a great way for them to socialize with other dogs. They love Aunt Connie and it gives me time to rum errands, that way I know I don't have to worry about them being lonely or tearing anything up at home. Every week on Tuesdays they always know they're going there and they can't wait to go!!! “ - Kelly

The K9 playhouse provides a safe environment for my high energy Labrador Retriever, Lexie, to blow off some steam. Lexie has been going to the playhouse for 3 years now, since she was an older puppy. In a home with only my husband and me it’s great. She comes home after a day at the playhouse and is the most calm and quiet dog (at least for the night). Whether you’re greeted by Connie or Lori the mornings I drop off Lexie are much brighter than the other days of the week. You’re always greeted with a friendly smile and just watching the dogs interact for even a few minutes is a blast! I’d recommend this to anyone.” – Pam

“I take Ava to K9 Playhouse and she loves it! I can't drive fast enough for her when I turn onto Weiden Road, she's ready to play!! Connie has a gift and I’m grateful that she is spilling her talent and creativity into K9 Playhouse. She is a wonderful asset to myself and Ava.” – Nikkole Barber

“I originally started taking classes at K9 Playhouse to build confidence in one of my k9 kids who was shy and wasn't sure of herself. Many years later, I continue to take classes at K9 Playhouse and have titled several dogs to various levels in Agility, Obedience, Conformation and Rally. With Connie’s guidance and support I have learned what best motivates each dog, and have met their needs to help them along in their training.

Connie does not take a one-style-meets-all approach. She understand that what may work for one dog, might not for others and she takes the time to ensure that my dogs and I are working together in a way that is fun and fair to us both.

My K9 Kids thoroughly enjoy their class time and look forward to their lessons. Connie takes as much pride in her own success as she does the success of her students. She treats each dog as she would her own. “- Julie Bosier and CH MACH 2 “Taz” RN NF, CH “Skye” OA OAJ NF, CH “Tango” NA NAJ, “Tandy” OA OAJ, CH “Blu” AX AXJ CD and CH “Meg” AX AXJ CD PT

“I grew up on a farm in rural northeast Iowa and had always had a dog in my life. Angel, though, is my own “very first dog” who had spent the first 4 ½ years of her life simply being my companion while I was finishing college. Upon my move into “the real world”, we were fortunate enough to stumble upon Connie & her K9 Playhouse. I had always marveled at the way dogs and their handlers worked together while watching agility on TV and thought it would be something fun to do with my dog. I thought that perhaps, if things went well, this would also be an outlet for my competitiveness. As a result, we took an Intro Obedience Class to get started and then began with Intro Agility Classes. Little did we know the journey that was to unfold before us…

From our very first class, we were immersed in the methods of positive and consistent training. Connie taught us strong foundation skills that I had not fully understood the value of until we began competing. The skills were not only important lessons for agility, but were also skills that strengthened our relationship outside of the ring. Never before had I been exposed to the value of teaching my dog to play with me, the importance of crate training, or the power of a clicker. Perhaps one of the most important pieces of this learning puzzle has been learning “how dogs learn”. Once I had a grasp on this concept, I was surprised at the speed Angel learns new things; mostly in part because I now present them in a way she understands.

With the skills we gained from working with Connie, we enjoyed a quick progression from Novice A to Excellent. Within our first year of competing in Excellent B, we qualified for the AKC Agility Nationals, and have become the #1 Agility Bichon Frise. We look forward to competing at the AKC Invitational in Long Beach, CA in December. Recently, Angel and I celebrated our first MACH!

Above all, the most important benefit of our time in working with Connie is the amazing relationship that I have built with my dog…there is no question that “when I look into my dog’s eyes all I see is greatness”! – Trish & MACH Angel

“My dog practically grew up at the K9 Playhouse. She had her first puppy class there, her first obedience classes, and has gone through all the levels of agility. She also went to daycare once a week for several years. Daycare did wonders for her socialization and learning to be away from home and Mom. And now, after being away for a couple of years, we are back taking agility classes again. On the first day back when we turned down the road to Connie's and she realized where we were going, she got all excited!” – Michele & Packer

“I've been training with Connie since 2006 with all three of my shelties. Each dog has been different in their temperaments and requirements. Thanks to her teaching and patience, we have together been able to give each dog what they need to be successful and most importantly HAPPY to perform in agility! Connie is a great instructor and a great listener also, which makes for an enjoyable session every time.” -Denise Reichert and U-CDX Joey CDX MX MXJ OAP AJP NAC NGC NJC CGC TDI, Danny OA AXJ CGC and Aimee..... baby girlie in training

“I have used K9 playhouse for all of my training needs for the past several years. Recently, I re-located out of state and have been on a search for agility training near the area I live. I have been unsuccessful in finding the advanced training and superb agility surface and equipment that I became accustomed to while taking classes from Connie Apling. Her knowledge is superior in this sport. Luckily, I was able to receive the foundation and ground work necessary to continue competing with my dogs. Sadly, I continue to miss our classes and instruction while attending K9 playhouse. I am in a much larger area now with several training areas around but, none compare to the training I had while there. I would suggest this facility to anyone interested in Agility. Bar none, this is the best training you will find in Iowa and surrounding states.” - Lisa Griess and Moa's Southern “Deuce” AX, AJX, WAC

“I started with a basic obedience class 7 years ago. Then completed the beginning agility class and have been hooked on agility since. I have learned much from Connie from my Nov A dog to my present MACH2 Cardigan Welsh Corgi Addie She teaches the 'right' way to start an agility dog.” – Carrie

“Connie's facility and agility courses have prepared us to be able to compete in a trial-like setting. Ultimately however, it's about spending quality time with our canines, and learning from each other... and in doing so; we have created lasting friendships along the way!” – Rick

“K9 Playhouse is an awesome facility to train in year round and Connie Apling has a vast amount of knowledge regarding agility I have found agility to be great exercise/training for a high energy dog along with exercise for me.” – Janelle Smeins