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K9 Playhouse opened its doors in January of 2003.  It is a 12,720 square foot facility where K9 Kids come to play.

Outside, there is a 1200 square foot, fully fenced play area, complete with wading pools and obstacles for the K9 Kids

K9 Playhouse

Inside, the Daycare area is 1,440 square feet.  It is fully matted with RB Rubber Flooring, and is totally climate controlled.

There are two indoor play areas -one for the big K9 Kids, and another area for the little K9 Kids.

The training area is 5,280 square feet, and has a sandy mixture footing that is safe and comfortable to run on.  There are heaters for winter playing. 

 There is also a fully fenced 4,800 square foot outdoor training area for summer time usage.

Agility Ring