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What is a daycare for dogs?

Keep AwayK9 PLAYHOUSE provides a daytime facility where your K9 kid has the opportunity to socialize with a pre-selected group of dogs under careful supervision. Unlike pet sitting or day boarding, your K9 kid will be allowed to play off leash in a neutral location with other compatible dogs. Your K9 kid will learn to make friends with other dogs, revel in attention from expert caregivers, and enjoy play activities while you’re at work.

K9 PLAYHOUSE provides: a safe, sanitary environment. Climate-controlled premises. Lots of toys. Reinforcement of known obedience commands. Lots of TLC.

Pool PlayWhy should my K9 Kid come to daycare?

No more guilt about leaving your K9 kid home alone all day. He’ll have fun playing with his friends while you’re busy at work.

No more damage at home. Many destructive behaviors are due to boredom. Your K9 kid won’t be bored at K9 PLAYHOUSE.

Your K9 kid will be able to play with other dogs. Socializing with other dogs can help prevent depression and promotes self-confidence and social skills.

No need for you to take him out for his daily “playtime” when the weather is bad or if you’re tired after a busy day. Your K9 kid will return home happy and tired.

Your K9 kid will love you for it!


Single Day Pass $23.00

10 day pass $200.00
($20.00 per visit)

20 day pass $360.00
($18.00 per visit)

Passes are good for 6 months from the time of purchase, and are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Wednesday
7:00 a.m ~ 5:30 p.m
Extended hours by appointment.
Closed holidays.


Your K9 kid must be at least 5 months old, and spayed/neutered after 6 months.

Proof of rabies, DHLPP, bordatella shots, and be on flea/heartworm preventatives.

No dogs with known aggression problems will be accepted. If your K9 kid is aggressive while at K9 PLAYHOUSE, he will not be allowed to return.

Call to Schedule an Appointment for a "Meet and Greet".