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Agility Classes

AddieCanine agility is a dog sport that has swept the nation, fun for young dogs as well as older ones, small or large, short or tall. Dogs and their handlers navigate a course filled with a variety of obstacles in a race that measures both time and accuracy.

Imagine the fun you and your K9 kid can have exploring the world of Agility. Each jump, each tunnel, each obstacle a challenge to be conquered. Come join the fun, learn teamwork, build confidence and watch your K9 kid’s energy turn into focus as he begs for, “just one more run”! WARNING: Agility Can Be Addictive!!!

Designed with fun and safety in mind, Connie Apling has put together a dog agility training curriculum that carefully prepares you and your K9 companion for a fun and competitive agility career.

AgilityConnie's training methods have been learned through many years of successful competion at the top levels of the sport. Her training program obviously works - many K9 PLAYHOUSE students have gone on to be successful competiors themselves!

Classes offered for all levels of interest from “play” to serious competitors,from beginners through advanced students.

An Obedience class at K9 PLAYHOUSE is a prerequisite for Agility.

Rates & Hours

Agility classes are held on
Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

$90.00 - six week course, pre-requisite is an obedience class at K9 Playhouse.

To enroll in class, or for more information, please call #319-296-2553.